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Rabu, 14 Desember 2011

Combine with Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin & Hello Text

You can boost traffics by this method the method detail please read on the my twitter blog tutorial klik on the " How to make money with Adfly & twitter all day everyday".

even you can combine with blogspot to get more visitors :
look at the example in my blog that combine adfly-twitter-blogspot (you can add facebook, linkedin or hello text if you want)

1. (alexa global traffic rank around 1.000.000) & 14.474 di Indonesia
2. (alexa traffic rank around 2.100.000)
3. (alexa rank around 3.700.000)
4. (alexa rank around 4.000.000)
5. (alexa traffic rank around 4.400.000)
6. (alexa traffic rank around 5.800.000)
7. (alexa traffic rank around 6.500.000)
8. (alexa traffic rank around 7.800.000)
9. (alexa traffic rank around 6.900.000)
10. (alexa traffic rank around 7.000.000)
11. (alexa rank around 7.700.000)
12. (alexa rank around 8.300.000)
13. (alexa traffic rank around 9.800.000)
14. (alexa traffic rank around 10.200.000)
15. (alexa traffic rank around 11.800.000)
16. (alexa traffic rank around 9.400.000)
17. (alexa traffic rank around 11.800.000)
18. (alexa traffic rank around 13.100.000)
19. (alexa traffic rank around 13.700.000)
20. (alexa traffic rank around 13.900.000)
21. (alexa traffic rank around 12.300.000)
22. (alexa traffic rank around 23.900.000)
23. (alexa traffic rank around 17.300.000)
24. (alexa traffic rank around 15.300.000)

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