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Jumat, 27 Januari 2012

Adfly Methods: Make Money With Your Links

How would you like to find a book that gives you a variety of proven methods
make money online? A book that can teach you methods to earn just by
getting people to click links?
Getting paid whenever someone clicks on an advertisement online has been
fairly standard form of making money online.
However, what if that concept were expanded to every link that you put up?
Imagine if you could cash in on all your links?
Imagine if everytime someone clicked on any of your links you made money.
Now that's possible thanks to the Adfly service.
What is Adfly?
Adfly is a URL shortening service that allows you to convert any link to a
link using their service. However, part of their service includes inserting a
advertisement into the link as well. So, when someone clicks on the new
shortened link, they will see a short advertisement before being taken to the
original website. You can also adjust the advertisement's settings to show a
less obtrusive ad on the original page instead of a full page ad. You get paid for for
each of the ads that get served up.

Where Would You Use Adfly?
Adfly links can be placed anywhere. The service even provides you code that
you can insert into your existing websites to convert all your existing links into
adfly links. Of course, you'll realize quickly that it is generally an
to people who are clicking on links to be forced to see an advertisement first,
most people would not use adfly in conjunction with their own main website.
However, there are plenty of ways to use the service outside of your own
website to earn some extra money. People use a variety of methods that will
reviewed in this book. Just to name a few: You can insert adfly links into
Use adfly links at the end of youtube videos to point to other videos; Use adfly
links in forums; Use adfly links in online classifieds. You really are only limited
by your imagination. Some methods will work better than others. We will
review the most popular and lucrative methods in this book.
How Much Can I Earn with Adfly?
You are paid for each ad impression with Adfly. You are also paid a
of the earnings of people that you refer to adfly for life. So they give you a
couple of ways to earn money through their program. Generally you will need
to have a great volume of ad impressions to earn a significant amount of
through adfly. However, the earnings accumulate over time and there are
methods to achieve volume views in extremely efficient and sometimes
passive manners. Their payment threshold is at $5 and they pay out regularly
at the beginning of each month. You'll find that you'll easily hit that $5
or more within the first month by following the methods in this book and as
gain more referrals you will add to that income and earn more and more over
time. Your earning potential is unlimited.
Before we start, if you do not already have an Adfly account, you can sign up
a free account here:

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