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Rabu, 11 Januari 2012

How to get traffic? 1000 klik/day in adfly

1. Find some popular, newish videos. Then, go to and reupload them. Fix up the tags and maybe all [HQ] , High Quality, etc. If you upload about 10 videos, you should get at least 1000 views per video a day. So that's 10 000 views a day. Wait a few days. Then, add a full page annotation on the video, saying 'This video is old and outdated. Please click the link in the description to see the latest. Add your link in the description. This should point back to the video you copied off. Hopefully, 90% of viewers will click on your link. So, out of the 10 000 views a day, you get 9 000 clicks which should amount to about $12 a day. On a large scale, say 100 videos, this is about $120 a day.
2. I get 2000 clicks + per day using torrents.

I do though happen to own a torrent site, and an image hosting site.

How i do it:
I have coded my image site to use links all done automaticaly when creating the links for the user, i then have my torrent site users dump torrents on the big trackers like demonoid etc.

The bigest trick though is to make the listing a picture ( example - 100 DS games, i would create a picture with all the 100 games listed, then use my image hosting to host it as a thumb, the end use on say demoniod needs to click the thumb as its unreadable in its present form, they then go to my site VIA to view the full size image and the 100 ds games listing)

You only need 3-5 of these dumps per day to easily fly over 1000

Hope that helps, and just another idea to take on board, alongside some of the others posted here

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