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Jumat, 27 Januari 2012

Twitter Method to Make Money with Adfly

Twitter Method to Make Money with Adfly
One quick and easy way to start using adfly links is to simply create niche
accounts. You can
create accounts in specific niches and tweet about things specific to that niche.
The tweets would contain adfly links back to
the source material. Because your accounts are niche specific, your followers
are more likely to click on those links and you
make money in the process.
There are simple methods to automate the process of tweeting in your niche
and thus begin earning passive income through
Here's how it works:
Start by picking a niche for your new twitter account. As an example, let's
to focus on shopping. Begin by creating your account. I would recommend
getting a spare gmail account for this process.
You can use a single gmail account to create multiple niche twitter accounts.
You simple add a +and any word behind your name and twitter treats it as a
different gmail account.
Like the following example:

Then write a short bio about how you like to look for shopping deals and
The next step in this process is to find websites and blogs in the shopping
niche. Often times, these websites and blogs will
have rss feeds to allow people to subscribe to their updates. You want to
these rss feeds and copy their links.
Then you can use a free service throught the website to route the
feeds. It’s a very simple matter to use the
Adfly api as the default shortener so all the links go through Adfly.
Here are step by step instructions for this process:

How to Find RSS Feeds
Do a simple google search for your niche keywords and see what blogs or
websites come up. Then you can review those websites to
make sure their content is related to your niche. Then use the rss feeds from
those sites and route them to your twitter
Once you've found the rss feed it is very easy to set up Adfly with
First go to Adfly and get your api:

By default, the api displays an interstatial ad, which means that it displays that
ad prior to go to the original link. While the interstatial ads pay out more per
click, some people may find these kinds of ads disruptive. In that case, you
change the ads to display a framed banner ad instead. Just follow the
instructions in the api documentation and replace the
advert_type=int with advert_type=banner.
Now just take copy the URL from Adfly and go over to your account.
Follow these steps at
Step 1.
From your dashboard go to edit your short link settings.

I usually just apply the shortener to all existing routes and then continue all.
This is the simplest way to ensure that you are using Adfly for all your tweets.
Now then you just need to start routing your RSS feeds to twitter.
Again this is a simple procedure. From the dlvrit dashboard, click add new
route. It should look something like this:

Just authorize your twitter account and start adding feeds. I also recommend adjust the frequency of your tweets by updating your feed.

Now that everything is set up, you just need to build up your twitter following
people will click on your links.
The simplest way of building up your twitter presence is to start following other
people who may be interested in your niche.
For example, in our test case, we chose the shopping and deals niche for our
twitter account. We would find another popular
account on twitter within that niche. So search through twitter for coupons or
deals and see what accounts come up. You'll be
able to quickly tell which accounts are popular. Then start going through their
followers and follow them. You can also find
services online that will help you automate that process so that you can build
your twitter account automatically.
This is one of the simplest and easiest ways that I've found to start spreading
your adfly links out on twitter and making

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