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Sabtu, 11 Februari 2012

Why is adfly not counting all of my visitors?

First please ensure you waited up to 2 hours for our stats to update.

There are number of reasons as to why our numbers do not match.

For us to be able to pay you for your traffic, the following criteria must be met:

Must have JavaScript enabled
Must have Flash enabled
Must have Cookies enabled
Must view the advert for at least 5 seconds
Must not being using a proxy server (unless we have advertisers wanting this traffic)
Must not have viewed more than 5 links already that day
Must be an advertiser willing to pay for traffic from their country

The last point is the most important, if we do not have an advertiser to match with your visitor - we cannot show an advert.

We try and keep unpaid defaults to an absolute minimum but depending on the country of your visitors, this a possibility.

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  2. hello why is the advert not showing on my blog.. i have done everytin neccessary

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  9. How cookies are add in my acount and also what type ka flash