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Kamis, 29 Maret 2012

Adf.Ly Tricks: ADF.LY Linking Strategies

Let's get started !

First you'll need an acount, you can register one here

Now that you have your shrinked link, you will have to spread it. For every visit you get paid. (When you visit your own links you don't get paid.)
Everybody has their own spreading methods, here are the main ones:

1. Spreading with Youtube.
Upload things to youtube that people want to download. Example: Upload Music and in the description add a download link with your adfly link.

2. Spreading with Twitter/Facebook.
You can simply tweet/post your adfly links. But post things that make people really curious and want to click on.

3. Spreading via Forums
You can use any forum to spread your adfly links, just put them in your signature or in a post you make.

4. Other methods
-Go to the official adfly forum ( index.php ), and go to 'Getting Traffic'. There you will find some good spreading methods.
-Google/youtube and search for Spreading methods for

Once you have made $5 you can ask for a payout. By clicking Withdraw on the top. They pay through PayPal or AlertPay.

The end, hope you enjoyed and that you will make a good amount of money with!
Please post what you think, and ask every question you want !

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